Six needles

21 Jul

Six needles

If we ever move back to the UK, one of the biggest contributing factors will be… mosquitoes.


I’m often told by my staff that we are the most mosquito paranoid family they’ve worked with. It’s a common occurrence in our house to find J brandishing the mosquito zapping racquet in the middle of the night with a torch in the other hand. Arjun is allergic to mosquito bites so one tiny bite gets blown into the size of table tennis ball, accompanied with kids awake in the middle of the night and tears :(.

So much so, when Arjun went through the hitting people phase, and we told him it was wrong to hit anyone – he said to us instantly, ‘except mosquitoes’. And we had to agree.

I tell J, who tracks down the pests with strategic plans akin to robbing a bank, there are bigger problems in the world and if this is his version of hell – he has a great life!

Oh… because mosquitoes have six needles with which they saw into you, drink your blood and sometimes make you sick. Just FYI.

Protected with the Forest Essentials mosquito spray and patches…

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