At the seaside

14 Feb

At the seaside

1. Family and friends
2. Food
3. Beach

In that order. Our favourite things about Bombay. Of course, the list goes on and on.

But well. What we’re saying is, nowt lovelier than spending time at the seaside…

Sometimes, there’s more plastic and people than you know what to do with. But every time, you can find your own little spot of sand castled beach. A little spot where the water is ours, the kids can dig, and I can dream. And take a million pictures of the kids digging.

My idyllic seaside getaway includes rough, winding coastal walks, hidden away smugglers’ caves (some with long lost treasure still in them), derelict lighthouses that might start beaming anytime to save ships too close to demon’s rocks, low roofed, cosy pubs that serve potato wedges, shady sandy coves and shops that are full of art, nautical bits and bobs and ice cream – all of which are found in the next best place in the world – Cornwall. In Bombay, we might not have everything in the check list above, but what we do have is coconut water, pani puri and most importantly, unlimited sunshine 99% of the time – which I think ought to even the odds… somewhat.

As I never tire of saying, possibilities seem endless, dreams suddenly within grasp and all of life’s heaviest burdens insignificant – at the beach. Here’s to spending more time doing the things we adore but think we have forever to do…

A little piece of my heart will always belong to Cornwall…

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