A bit of boring

8 Oct

A bit of boring

My husband was talking about a day being boring and Arjun picked up the word immediately. Anyway he picks up things really quickly, but things he’s not supposed to are doubly quick. My first reaction was to say to the pair of them what my mum always said to us. Only boring people get bored I said. There’s so many things to do and books to read and adventures to have, how can one have anytime to be bored, I recited almost verbatim. Thinking to myself how much of our mums we tend to become. Whether he agreed or for Arjun’s benefit, J said immediately, you’re right mumma, asking Arjun if he’d like to soak some overnight oats with him, and off they dashed to the kitchen.

Soon after, the entire family fell like dominoes to the onslaught of a nasty flu doing the rounds. Flu sounds mild, but this one included temperatures going up to 103 which occurring in an 11 month old is anything but. Coupled with the fact that we were unwell, sleep deprived and had no support of that gorgeous institution called the school, the week was dreary and uninspiring to say the least. I caught myself thinking longingly of that boring afternoon when I was lecturing the boys. You know where I’m going with this. Yes, a bit of boring is nice. Predictability is fabulous. Routine is wonderful. It’s shocking the clarity you get when you’re a proper grown up. It all comes down to us – and our loved ones – being healthy and safe and happy. That’s what my most mysterious self is wishing for and thanking Him for, every single day.

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