Of life’s missions…

14 Jul

Of life’s missions…

So my lovely mother-in-law invited us to an idol installation ceremony. What is that exactly? Well, what it says on the tin. When a temple is brand new, the idols are installed by the people who paid for them (and their families in tow). There are cute little traditions followed like bathing the idols and then actually cementing them in with little spade like things. You are very honored indeed if you’ve been chosen to install them in a place where they stay for all of eternity.

We were more than happy to be part of her special day and partake in all the little ceremonies. I’m not a very religious person but I definitely believe that Hindu temples have pretty awesome vibes. My best friend says they are a cumulation of all the pilgrims’ good intentions and positive thoughts when they walk in through the doors. My mother in law, who is extremely religious, told me doing this was one of her life goals getting ticked. Having an idol that would bless tens of thousands of devotees with her name inscribed below it long after she was gone.

Makes you think doesn’t it. What are our life goals? Are we even close to ticking them off? How it must feel to want and work really hard towards something and see it in flesh and blood or mortar and stone…

29 Jun

Home away from home

We are very lucky to have two beautiful countries we call home. This summer, we visited the UK for the first time as a family of four – and it was every bit as wonderful as I’d imagined it would be. Coming back can be nostagic and make us miss the loveliness on offer here, but equally makes me realise how fortunate we are to live the dream in Bombay.

More about our time in London, Basingstoke and Cornwall soon… leaving you with my favourite family picture taken in the garden of my favourite home in the UK.

27 Jun

Simple monsoon moments

I for one love the rains. When we lived in the UK and everyone would greet each other with a ‘horrible day’ when it was raining, I was all chirpy and happy. Many of my Brit friends said it was just ‘odd’ to be so cheerful when it was raining! But here in Bombay, everyone loves the monsoon season. And rightfully so! The monsoon staples here are tried and tested. Hot chai, something spicy, muddy puddles, flooded roads and Khandala!

21 Jun

Babymoon: Maharaja style!

We were very fortunate indeed to have our second babymoon in the Umaid Bhavan palace, Jodhpur. (Our first was in gorgeous Greece, but that’s another story…). Taj is well known for their hospitality but I have to be honest, they pulled out all stops in pampering us this time.

We would start our days bright and early (courtesy of Arjun) and head downstairs to the most scrumptious breakfasts accompanied by peacocks and live music. Next stop: the pool set in the lush gardens with a splendid view of the palace.

The staff not only designed exquisite meals for us but also engineered afternoon games to keep Arjun occupied so we could get some much needed alone time. It was every bit as romantic as staying in a palace can be!

I love travelling and seeing different parts of the world – but travelling within India is just a different level of luxury and has got to be my absolute favourite.

9 Jun


What’s not to love about Bombay evenings. Even if there’s ‘no plan’ the sun is (nearly) always shining and the outdoors inviting. If you don’t fancy the short 4 minute drive to the beach, just lather up in mosquito spray for the park!

The Gulmohar trees in full bloom all along Gulmohar road…


9 Jun

Finally. Firstly.

We’ve all been there. It’s late. I should be asleep. Instead I decide now is the perfect time to start this blog I’ve meaning to for ages. My first post – nothing too exciting I’m afraid. It’s a bit late to figure out where this is all going to go… so for now, I’ll just share the topmost thing on my mind. Veggies. Yes, I worry about where they come from, what they contain, who to trust. I miss the organic aisles in Waitrose and Sainsbury.

But look, so pretty.

Several amused sabziwallas watched me take this picture